Owl rescued after slamming into boat off Felixstowe coast

  Posted: 22.11.21 at 07:26 by Derek Davis

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An owl has been rescued after colliding with a boat working off the Felixstowe coast.

The short-eared owl hit the wind farm support vessel and became trapped in equipment on board the Seacat Freedom.

Crew freed the usually nocturnal bird, which suffered minor injuries and called the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, who collected it.

A spokesperson for the Marine and Wildlife Rescue said: "Once back in dock we collected the bird, settled it and then checked over for injuries.

"The bird had oil and grease deposits on its wing, which will now be carefully cleaned. Otherwise, the bird appeared in reasonable order.

"After a short stay with Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, it is hoped we will be able to return it to a suitable area in Suffolk."

Safe and sound (Picture credit: Marine and Wildlife Rescue)

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