News in Felixstowe

Matt Read making the visors for the NHS (picture credit: Suffolk Sails)

Two sailors from Felixstowe that made nearly 20,000 visors for NHS workers have been awarded British Empire Medals in the Queen's Birthday honours list, announced today.

Simon Scammell and Matt Read, who both live in the town and are owner and head sail maker respectively for Tidemill Way, Woodbridge based Suffolk Sails, were named as recipients of the BEM for their services to frontline health workers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Victims of a Felixstowe furniture fraudster will have to wait until September to find out how much compensation the jailed director will have to pay out.

David Waters, of Manwick Road, Felixstowe, was the sole director of Anchor Mobility Limited that swindled disabled and elderly customers out of more than £80,000 after they paid for furniture that was never delivered.

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Friday's Fascinating Flower Facts

Morphine is created from the milky latex in the seed head of the opium poppy and due to the opiate traces that can be found in poppy seeds, and because of the potential for the seeds to be used to grow opium poppies, they are banned as a food ingredient in China, Taiwan and Singapore. These trace amounts of opiate also mean that eating even a small amount of food containing poppy seed can lead to a false positive on drugs tests. In the 19th century, British horticulturalists who were incentivised by the booming opium trade attempted to establish an opium poppy crop in the UK. Unfortunately for them, it was eaten by a plague of hares that felt no pain.

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A Suffolk authority which has designated spaces for 're-wilding' to help insects and pollinators thrive has extended its biodiversity efforts — and is challenging people to give it a go in their own gardens.

East Suffolk Council's Pardon the Weeds campaign has seen 100 areas of the district left for wildflowers to thrive as part of efforts to boost pollinator and insect communities.

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Residents on the Felixstowe peninsula are unlikely to be affected by the proposed changes being put forward.

While Suffolk Coastal, which encompasses Felixstowe and neighbouring villages and currently served by employment secretary Dr Therese Coffey — loses Halesworth and nearby parishes to north Suffolk, the south of that constituency ward remains unchanged.

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