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Felixstowe: Anti development campaigners slam East Suffolk Council's 'Blind Planning Policy'

Posted: 23.09.21 by Derek Davis Local News

A Felixstowe peninsula based action group has accused East Suffolk council of operating a 'Blind Eye Planning Policy' Kirton and Trimley Co...

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Thursday's Felixstowe Breakfast Briefing

Posted: 23.09.21 by Fraser Clements Local News

Thursday’s On This Day On this day in 1955 Independent Television (ITV) began operating. Only six minutes of advertisements were allow...

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Toothless in Suffolk welcomes change of dentistry minister

Posted: 22.09.21 by Amber Markwell Local News

Toothless in Suffolk, that have recently been campaigning in Felixstowe for better NHS dental treatment in the county, have welcomed the change in den...

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Felixstowe braces itself for more houses after councillors call for increase in building target

Posted: 22.09.21 by Jason Noble (local democracy reporter) Local News

Calls have been made by Felixstowe councillors for East Suffolk to double the number of council homes it builds each year after it was deemed current...

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Wednesday's Felixstowe Breakfast Briefing

Posted: 22.09.21 by Fraser Clements Local News

Wednesdays wonderful fact Your nostrils work one at a time. The duties of one nostril switch every several hours with one doing most of the ...

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Merger of two Felixstowe schools with special educational needs moves closer

Posted: 21.09.21 by Amber Markwell Local News

The proposed merger of two Felixstowe schools has moved a step nearer after a public consultation backed the plans. SET Maidstone (Infants) and SET...

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Tuesday's Felixstowe Breakfast Briefing

Posted: 21.09.21 by Fraser Clements Local News

Tuesday’s On This Day In 1915 the Stonehenge was sold at auction to Mr C H Chubb for £6,600 as a present for his wife. Mr Chubb ...

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Time to vote for your favourite Felixstowe scenes

Posted: 20.09.21 by Amber Markwell Local News

Felixstowe snappers are being encouraged to take advantage of the town's unique, exciting and diverse location for photographic opportunities...

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Felixstowe pier to be lit up green once more for Suffolk recycling week

Posted: 20.09.21 by Derek Davis Local News

Felixstowe Pier will be lit up green once again as the town takes part in the 'Step it up this Recycle Week' campaign Buildings around the ...

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Felixstowe's White Horse owners welcome bid from community to buy pub

Posted: 20.09.21 by Derek Davis Local News

The owners of the White Horse in Old Felixstowe would welcome a community bid to buy the pub, it has been confirmed. Although Punch are pressing ah...

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