Thursday's Felixstowe Breakfast Briefing

By The Editor

17th Nov 2022 | Local News

Murmuration (Picture: Robin Morrison SWNS)
Murmuration (Picture: Robin Morrison SWNS)

Thursday's thought...

As spectacular as a murmuration is, starlings are actually quite scruffy, chunky looking birds about the size of a Thrush; with pink legs, short tails and long slender beaks. At a distance they look black but in winter they are brown, heavily covered in white speckles. This spotting wears away as the feathers become worn towards spring. The female starling looks less glossy and oily than its male counterpart but a key difference to tell the sexes apart is by the colour of their bills; blue for the males and pink for the females. Juveniles look completely different with a brown plumage, and the normal lifespan of a starling is around 15 years. The best times to spot them in action is dawn and dusk

Sunrise: 07:18

Sunset: 16:01

Murmaration at dusk (Picture: Robin Morrison, SWNS)

Tide Times

05:01 3.2m

11:33 1.12m

17:46 3.17m

Friday 00:02 0.58m


A return to unsettled conditions, with temperatures falling back to nearer average. Rather windy throughout, with spells of rain interspersed with clearer and more showery interludes. Temperatures near normal.

Spectacuar starlings (Picture: Robin Morrison, SWNS)

Orwell Bridge:


Joke of the day:

What bird lives in Hollywood?

A starling

Did you groan? (send us your own favourite joke).

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