Two Felixstowe teens banned from park after police drug action

  Posted: 09.06.21 at 16:45 by Heather Rawson

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Two teenagers arrested in connection with drug offences have been banned from visiting certain areas of Felixstowe

Police acting on information from Felixstowe residents about evidence of drug use this week in Coronation Park actively patrolled the area and arrested two youngsters.

A Suffolk Constabulary spokesman said: “Two teenagers have been arrested in connection with the issue and are on bail not to enter certain areas of Felixstowe.

"Meanwhile, our youth engagement team has been successfully engaging and intervening with some of the youths that have caused an issue.

“We know that such activity is extremely distressing for residents, can blight communities and seriously affects people's quality of life, which is why we are committed to addressing it swiftly and successfully.”

Felixstowe police were supported by the force's Kestrel team - which operates across Suffolk to bolster local officers' response to tackling prolific crimes.

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