Delays at Port of Felixstowe blamed for Scottish council's recycling scheme non-starter

  Posted: 14.09.21 at 17:07 by Derek Davis

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Delays at the Port of Felixstowe have been partially blamed for the failure on a Scottish council to implement a new recycling scheme in its area.

Key white waste bags, vital to the introduction of the initiative have been held up in Felixstowe due to Brexit and a lack of HGV drivers.

The Scotsman reports how householders is East Lothian were due to have a sixth recycling container added to their homes from September 20 with weighted bags brought in for for plastic, metals and cartons.

However the plans have now been put on hold after shipping containers carrying the bags were delayed at Felixstowe.

East Lothian council has said it now aims to introduce its new “wash and squash” system by the middle of November.

Letters are due to be sent to homes telling residents about the delay.

Port of Felixstowe Dock Gate 2 (Picture credit: Felixstowe Nub News)

Meanwhile, toys, supermarket goods and a multitude of other items have been delayed at ports, such as Felixstowe, with a large number of drivers returning to EU countries due to Brexit and a lack of trained drivers in Britain.

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